Professional And Sophisticated Employment Law Litigation Services

If you are an employee who has been terminated under questionable circumstances or an employer who has employee issues, we are the trusted professionals who can help.

At Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP, we have over a century of experience dealing with employers and employees in conflict situations. We are committed to resolving your employment conflict.

Committed To Serving The Needs Of Our Clients

Individuals who find themselves in the middle of employment disputes often don’t know how to resolve the matter. Our lawyers have the knowledge gained from 130 years of practical experience to help guide you.

Our lawyers have a long history of skill and experience. We have served thousands of clients throughout the Niagara Falls region. Our clients gain the benefit not only of skilled lawyers, but also an entire team of legal professionals. With close collaboration and innovative thinking, our firm pursues optimal results for each client.

We Empower Employees By Clarifying Their Rights

Employees sometimes face difficulties at work. Legislative protections exist, but workers often require advice to understand their terms of employment or termination. Backed by long years of experience, we can advise our clients on such matters as:

  • Employment contract terms
  • Review of termination packages
  • Review of severance packages
  • Bringing a wrongful termination lawsuit

Providing Reliable Advice To Employers

Employers seek out our trusted professionals for advice in regard to:

  • Defense against a wrongful termination lawsuit
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Exposure to liability

If a dispute cannot be resolved, we have the knowledge and experience to take the matter all the way to court and limit costs and liability for clients.

Our Employment Law Litigation Lawyers