Niagara Falls Lawyers For Cases Involving Injuries To Seniors

When an elderly person becomes injured, the injury can be much more severe than if it were to have happened to a child or a young adult. Seniors often have conditions that are already debilitating to their health and well-being and which impede their recovery. Being involved in an accident even as seemingly minor as a rear-end impact in a vehicle can actually cause a great deal of strain on their body.

The lawyers at Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP have significant experience representing clients in senior accident claims. Our firm has been serving the Niagara Falls community since 1887 and is led by a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers. We represent people of all ages in personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, slip, trip and fall injury cases and more.

Understanding Our Clients’ Needs

While we have the experience and resources necessary to accept even the most complex personal injury claims, it is important to know that at our firm we have a strong focus on building a strong foundation with our clients. Quality legal representation is pinnacle at our firm, and we strive to maintain the highest level of standards, ethics and integrity at all times.

Our Niagara Falls lawyers for cases involving seniors handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including ones that involve serious injuries such as skull fractures, head injuries, brain injuries, hip fractures, broken bones, internal bleeding and more.

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