High-Quality Property Development Services

Development and planning projects require the expertise of many different people, one of whom includes a lawyer. As a land owner and professional, you will want advice from a lawyer who understands your goals for the project and provides straightforward legal advice.

The lawyers at Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP have a broad range of experience representing clients in land development and real estate matters. Our services are utilized by professionals, business owners and corporations throughout the entire Niagara region.

We handle matters that involve buying and selling of real estate, foreclosure, power of sale and more. Given our broad range of experience, we are able to efficiently and effectively represent our clients’ needs without compromising the level of quality services we are committed to providing.

Guiding Clients Through Land Development Projects

We represent developers of new subdivisions, property owners who wish to sever land and other clients in matters involving:

  • Severance applications
  • Boundary adjustments
  • Minor variance applications
  • Re-zoning applications

We also represent developers in projects that involve the creation of new subdivisions, as well as new condominium developments. Our lawyers are very knowledgeable of condominium law and can provide direct and objective advice for your situation.

Our Land Development Lawyers