Dedicated To Our Clients’ Needs

Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP has office locations in Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Thorold and serves a wide range of clients in real estate law throughout the Niagara region. Our firm was established in 1887, and we are recognized as one of the top law firms in the area. We have a track record of success in representing clients in complex real estate transactions. Our dedication is to our clients at all times, regardless of the nature of the matter we are handling.

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers Serving The Niagara Region

We represent lenders and individuals in real estate matters involving:

  • Power of sale — We will do appropriate research and due diligence on the property, after which we will send out the Notice of Sale to commence the power of sale process. We also assist with all other matters related to the sale. Timing of the action is important, and we will ensure that the steps are properly followed.
  • Foreclosure — Our mortgage lawyers are highly familiar with the foreclosure process and can ensure that right steps are being taken at all times.

We also represent condominium associations in all types of real estate matters.

Client-Focused Law Firm

We focus on meeting the goals of our clients while providing quality legal representation. We identify our end goal and will develop an effective strategy for meeting your goals. Our lawyers will maintain open communication with you at all times and will be available to answer inquiries.

Our Power of Sale and Foreclosure Lawyers