Safeguarding Clients’ Interests In Property Division Matters

Financial matters are one of the biggest concerns that people have during the dissolution of a relationship or marriage. As you begin to go through the process, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who will make certain that your interests are represented.

At Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP, we have represented clients in the area of family law for many years. Our firm was established in 1887, and since then, we have maintained a long-standing reputation for providing quality legal services for clients.

Striving For Fair And Comprehensive Resolutions

Property division involves the division of assets such as real property, pensions, savings and more. It also involves the division of debts that are considered to be marital property.

At Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP, we are very familiar with the property division process and have experience representing men and women in a wide range of situations. We are experienced at representing people who have family-owned businesses and significant assets, as well as couples in common law marriage.

Our lawyers will walk you through every step of the property division process, advise you of your rights and explain the legal issues involved in your particular situation. We take a comprehensive approach to resolving legal matters and provide personalized attention for every client.

Our Property Division Lawyers