High-Level Expertise In Family Law Agreement Drafting

When entering into or ending a serious relationship or marriage, individuals may be concerned about how their assets will be affected. They seek assurance that their assets will be protected, not only throughout their relationship, but also in the event that the relationship ends.

Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP has a reputation as a leader in the family law field. Our highly experienced law firm has provided outstanding service to clients in the Niagara Falls region and beyond since 1887. Our lawyers know how to write authoritative family law agreements to protect your interests.

Professional Guidance To Safeguard Your Assets

Individuals writing their own family law agreements may be unaware of the legal requirements that go into such contracts. Failing to observe legalities could invalidate their co-habitation, prenuptial or separation agreement in the future and result in loss of entitlement.

Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP has been drafting agreements that hold up in court. We will ensure that your agreement:

  • Complies with legislation
  • Is fair and legally valid
  • Protects your rights
  • Reflects your goals

Our Legal Team Protects Your Interests

We aim to build strong relationships with our clients. By being client-focused, we are able to ascertain their needs and goals and ensure that they are reflected in the agreements we draft.

Our firm has a team of professionals dedicated to you. By focusing on you and your interests, we are able to provide efficient, timely and outstanding service.

Our Family Law Agreements Lawyers