Niagara Falls Separation Agreement Lawyers

Family law matters involve many different people. When a dispute or legal issue becomes heated, the emotions involved can be very difficult to deal with. Whether you are going through the divorce process, or need assistance in a court action, the lawyers at Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP will provide compassionate and objective legal advice to meet your needs. Since 1887 we have been serving the Niagara region in family law matters. We are a trusted firm and our lawyers have a proven track helping men, women and families.

In addition to handling matters involving separation agreements and court actions, we at Martin Sheppard Fraser LLP also facilitate collaborative law processes. Collaborative law involves reaching agreements for matters outside of trial, which is often the least time-consuming and less costly way of resolving matters. Speak to a Niagara Falls separation agreement lawyer at our firm for more information on collaborative law.

Separation Agreements

We usually recommend to our clients seeking divorce that they have a separation agreement drafted. Couples must be separated for at least one year before a divorce can be granted, and the separation agreement is used to outline matters before they are divorced, including the care and residency arrangements of children. We have significant experience drafting separation agreements and will provide sound, objective legal advice for your family law matters.

Court Actions

We assist our clients in bringing applications for custody, child access, child support, property division and more. In addition, we assist clients in bringing motions to change current court orders. For instance, this may include motions to reduce child support, motions for permission to move away and more. During this process, we will help explain your rights, negotiate settlements and seek to reach an outcome that is in your very best interests.

Our Separation Agreements Lawyers